No credit check mobile phones use to be the only way people with bad credit could get a mobile phone contract in the past but they were often seen to single out a small proportion of the market and would often only offer old cheap phones on relatively expensive contracts. Today no credit check mobile phones have been scrapped due to changes in the law which require everyone who applies for a mobile contract to go throw a credit check. BUT it is not all bad news!

There are still option available for people who are looking for a no credit check mobile phone because they have worries about being accepted because of bad credit, CCJ’s or previous rejections. There are different levels of contracts depending on their price of the contract and price of the phone that each carries different levels of credit checks. If you have bad credit, CCJ’s or have been refused a mobile contract recently then you should try and find a contract that people with bad credit have the best chance of being accepted with. How do you do this? Well we will tell you everything you need to know right here so you can start on the track to successfully applying for a new mobile contract.

Applying for a Contract Phone with Bad Credit

If you are looking for a mobile phone contract for bad credit then you are looking to apply direct with the networks. Bad credit phone contracts are no different than any other phone contract part from the history of the person that is apply for them. People with bad credit have to be very careful about the type and cost of any contract that they apply for. If you have bad credit and you are constantly being rejected for a new phone contract this will only make your credit history worse so you should only apply direct with networks that accept bad credit customer to give yourself the best possible chance of getting a high approved rate.

Rules to Getting the Best Acceptance Rates

if you are after the best possible acceptance rates you can get if you have bad credit them there are a few simple rules that will help you choose the best contract for you to apply for. These rules are kept very simple so they can be used when applying to all major UK mobile networks while maintain a wide selection of mobile handsets for you to choose from.

  1. When selecting the contract you are going to apply for is realistic with the monthly cost of the phone. Try to find a contract that you believe your credit score will show you are able to manage comfortable and stick to contract that cost no more than £30 a month.
  2. Apply direct with the mobile network you wish to be with and avoid mobile retailers. Mobile retailers have a lot more over heads to cover on top of the basic price of the network issuing the contract phones and they make their money by charging fee to the networks. If you are just acceptable for the contract like most people with bad credit these extra fees can mean you get rejected. See which networks offer the best acceptance rates by clicking the banner above.
  3. Make sure your application is full and correct. Automated signs of falsified information can get you rejected as soon as you hit the send button.
  4. If you have been recently rejected make sure you leave some time before you apply again for any contract. The best time to leave between mobile applications has been found to be between 2 to 4 weeks according to our research.
  5. For the best acceptance rates you should apply for a SIM only contract. This type of contract has the best acceptance rates and allows you to build credit history if you have no credit history to really speak of. They can even be used to build good credit history with your selected network before you attempt to upgrade a contract.